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We wanted to help businesses like yours' answer the age old questions: Who Worked When, Where, One What and for How Long? 

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We help employers improve the way they manage employee attendance and payroll by eliminating the need for manual systems like paper timesheets" 
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Every business wants to reduce costs and improve their processes, and we imagine you are no different.

One way you can do this is by improving the way you track and capture employee time.

In the 25 years we have been in the payroll space it has become clear to us that the way to improve the payroll process is to improve the way "time data" is captured.

That's why we specialise in this critical area.

To do this we have developed two internet (or Cloud) based applications, TimeHub Time & Attendance and MyTimesheets, which reduce the time and cost of tracking your employee hours and leave. 

TimeHub tracks employees time in real time using tablets or smartphones as timeclocks, whereas MyTimesheets is a mobile optimised, digital timesheet tool which replaces paper time sheets.

Both systems improve the speed and accuracy of processing your payroll. 

Whether you're looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, we have you covered.

How will this benefit you? 
  • Accurately calculate hours worked, overtime and annual leave
  • Save time on reconciling timesheets
  • Export hours direct into your payroll
  • Capture times spent on Jobs or Tasks
  • Accessible records - compliance with the Employment Relations Act.
  • Effective payroll management
  • Works anywhere, anytime.
  • Mobile Time Tracking
  • Real Time or As Required
You can read more about TimeHub and MyTimesheets below


We help businesses like yours answer the age old question Who Worked When 2

Steve and Bev Nathan. Co-Founders @ TimeHub

Why we created TimeHub and MyTimesheets
Take time out of managing employee attendance and payroll.

What our customers say....


As you know we were previously recording all of our hours worked information on sheets of paper, which is extremely inefficient.  We have saved so much time by using TimeHub and not having to manually capture all of that data, and then verify that it is correct, allowing us to focus on more important things.  It has also increased our accuracy, we hadn’t realised how many innocent mistakes were being made by staff at the end of a long shift when they had simply written down the wrong information.  We trialed other systems that were just incompatible with our business; we have 10 different cost centres across 4 locations with some staff working in multiple cost centres in one day, but TimeHub has accommodated this with ease. We appreciate the level of customer service we receive from you and your team as well as the commitment to resolving any issues that arise, no matter how unusual they might seem.   
Amber McKay, Company Accountant.

Chatham Islands Shipping

Since introducing Time Hub we now spend less than 10 minutes a week on payroll.Our logistics business has multiple locations and time zones. The timeliness of gathering timesheets and processing payroll used to be onerous and a burden on our resources. Since introducing Time Hub we now spend less than 10 minutes a week on pay roll. Knowing that we are up to date with NZ legislation changes and automating PAYE is very reassuring from a compliance perspective.I selected TimeHub due to its capabilities and being easy to use. Our employees love it and the support and training have been excellent. Well done to the TimeHub team, we look forward to further automation through your services. 
Greig Robertson. General Manager 


We have found Timehub a great benefit to this company. We are a small business with 4 employees, we have found Timehub a great benefit to this company by having accurate times entered for our payroll we have found we have saved on wages, (5-10 minutes late here and there seems to add up very quickly!).  All the staff at TimeHub have been extremely helpful and friendly with full training on the system given.  Any small issues we have had have been resolved quickly.  Would recommend TimeHub to small and large businesses alike.

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TimeHub .... Accuracy, Speed & Trust - "Real Time"

  • TimeHub uses Tablets and Smartphones as Time clocks to replace manual systems like Time sheets and Punch Clocks.
  • TimeHub sits in the cloud so you can manage your employee attendance from anywhere.
  • TimeHub uses Photo and GPS Verification to ensure the actual employee is clocking and they are where they are meant to be.
  • TimeHub will handle all tracking of employee days and hours worked, as per the record keeping requirements of the Employment Relations and Holidays Acts.
  • TimeHub will apply your employment contract payment rules for hours worked, overtime, leave and allowances where applicable.
  • TimeHub will improve accuracy and eliminates employee time creep.
  • TimeHub lets you track time spent on jobs, tasks or projects and update your job costing system.
  • TimeHub allows you to build and manage simple rosters.
  • TimeHub will create a file to be uploaded to your Payroll system each pay period.
  • We are a New Zealand based business and we are available when you need us.
  • TimeHub has been built in New Zealand for New Zealand businesses and is backed by a team with over 25 years’ experience in the payroll industry.
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MyTimesheets -  Capture Timesheets Anywhere, Anytime!

MyTimesheets is a simple, mobile optimised, digital tool which allows employees to record and submit their timesheets and then once approved have the data feed to any payroll system or job costing system.  MyTimesheets provides simple, fast and accurate data capture of employees hours – this is the key to effective management of employee attendance, payroll and job costing.
  • Imagine what would happen if your staff could complete their timesheets via a Smartphone, Tablet or PC ready for your review and approval before exporting straight to your payroll system.
  • Imagine if the same digital timesheet data could be used to track time spent on jobs, tasks or projects and update your job costing system.
  • Imagine if your staff could use their cellphone to track hours worked or start and finish times in near real-time. No more chasing illegible, inaccurate timesheets. 
  • Imagine if your staff could apply for leave and have it approved so that it goes straight into your payroll in the correct week.
  • Imagine being able to message your staff via their timesheet!
  • Imagine if you could also manage all this from your Smartphone, Tablet or PC anywhere in the world so long as you had internet. 
  • No more late or lost timesheets
  • No more lost charges
  • The payroll data entry only takes a few seconds
  • Staff can submit their timesheets during the day, at the end of the day, weekly or as soon as they finish jobs.
  • Works with or without Labour/Job Costing
  • No expensive hardware to buy
  • Works with any Smartphone, Tablet or PC with an internet connection. 
  • This (and more) is possible with MyTimesheets.

We look forward to helping you improve the way you manage employee attendance and payroll by eliminating the need for manual systems like paper timesheets.