Keep your staff and visitors safe2.

Your best choice for Managing Visitor and Employee Health and Safety

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Instant Deployment

  • No hardware to install

  • Up and running within minutes.

  • No apps required

  • Import approved lists or let the system learn as it goes.

  • Works on all devices

Increased Workplace Safety

  • Require visitors to review and accept Health and Safety Rules

  • Evacuation list

  • Date based approvals to match contractor certifications

  • Alert if visitor doesn't check-out

Fully Customisable

  • Customize with your company brand logo

  • User-defined fields to capture important information from your visitors

  • Embed videos and links to relevant websites

Touchless Operation

  • No need to share tablets, kiosks, pens or papers

  • Check-in with optional QR codes and mobile phones

  • Data collection

  • Manual check-in via reception mode


  • Notifications when visitors arrive

  • Notifications for courier deliveries

  • Email, mobile or desktop notifications


  • Pre-registration

  • Unlimited visitors and hosts

  • Simplified Employee check-in

  • Provide Wi-Fi details to visitors

  • Automatic updates and backups

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