Keep your staff and visitors safe2.

Your best choice for Managing Visitor and Employee Health and Safety

Instant Deployment

  • No hardware to install
  • Up and running within minutes.
  • No apps required
  • Import approved lists or let the system learn as it goes.
  • Works on all devices

Increased Workplace Safety

  1. Require visitors to review and accept Health and Safety Rules
  2. Evacuation list
  3. Date based approvals to match contractor certifications
  4. Alert if visitor doesn't check-out

Fully Customisable

  • Customize with your company brand logo
  • User-defined fields to capture important information from your visitors
  • Embed videos and links to relevant websites

Touchless Operation

  • No need to share tablets, kiosks, pens or papers
  • Check-in with optional QR codes and mobile phones
  • Data collection
  • Manual check-in via reception mode


  • Notifications when visitors arrive
  • Notifications for courier deliveries
  • Email, mobile or desktop notifications


  • Pre-registration
  • Unlimited visitors and hosts
  • Simplified Employee check-in
  • Provide Wi-Fi details to visitors
  • Automatic updates and backups

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