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TimeHub makes tracking the hours' your staff work - easier for your staff, more accurate for your managers, faster for your payroll person and more cost-effective for you the employer

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Are you ready to improve the way your staff track their hours?

We're here to help you improve the way your staff track the hours they work. The way you capture your employee attendance is the key to effective payroll management and compliance. Book a free, no obligation, 10-minute phone conversation to review how you can start saving time and money on managing your employee time and attendance.

TimeHub is a powerfully simple Time and Attendance which takes "time" out managing your payroll by eliminating the need for time sheets

TimeHub capture’s your employees’ attendance where they are, using a Fixed or Portable Tablet (or even their smartphones) Stop using outdated methods like paper time sheets or punch clocks and let your employees clock in instead using the devices they are used to.

No more paper time sheets or manual punch clocks.No calculating hours and keying data into payroll.Employees can be verified using a Pin Number Photo Verification and GPS Location.Designed for a single loca 1

Once you have taken out the "human" element of calculating time sheets or time cards, the second thing you want to do is remove the need to key your time data, leave and allowances into your payroll. That's why we have created interfaces to all the key payroll systems in New Zealand. You can see a list of our payroll partners here 


So why did we create TimeHub and why should you consider talking to us? 

International Research has identified found that using manual systems for tracking staff hours can have a real financial impact on your business. They identified 4 keys areas:

  • Companies that use traditional time sheets or punch clocks have a potential error rate of between 1-8% of the total payroll!

  • The average weekly "theft" of time (their term not ours) i.e long lunches. tardiness, early departures, etc. is 4 hours and 5 minutes per employee!

  • The average loss as a result of "Buddy Punching" is between 2-5% of total payroll in companies that use traditional time cards!

  • Calculating time sheets, reconciling and keying into payroll can cost an employer approximately 5 minutes per employee being paid.

In addition to the financial benefits of improving the way staff track their hours, there is the increasingly important consideration of compliance which is often overlooked. In recent times we have seen the spotlight being put on employers for their lack of accurate record keeping when it comes to meeting their obligations under:

  • The Employment Relations Act

  • The Holidays Act

  • The Health and Safety in Employment Act

Under these Acts, an employer is required to keep accurate, accessible records of the day’s, hours and pay for each day worked or taken leave. You must also know who is on site at all times and ensure employees are not working excessive/unsafe hours.

We have created a simple calculator to help you work out what your current manual time sheets or punch clock could be costing you. Click on the calculator image to see what saving just 2 minutes per day, per employee would mean to your wage bill.

2 mins per day 1


Who Worked When? A question employers have been asking forever and one we help you answer.





Employees want to know they are being paid accurately for the hours they work.

No more Timesheets

No one enjoys filling out or working out timesheets.

More accurate payroll data

No more keying times into your payroll

Avoid Time Theft

Have the peace of mind that you are only paying the wages that you should.

No expensive hardware.

Get a Smartphone, iPad or Android tablet set up in seconds. 


Manage employee rosters and allow TimeHub to work out the correct hours

Faster payroll processing

Everything is calculated for you

Rule Based

Takes out interpretation and favouritism  

Mobile or Remote workers

Clock where they are.

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