Employee Time Tracking software that automatically captures accurate, realtime data of Who Worked When - and Where and then feeds the data to your payroll.
No Paper, No Keying, No Stress

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Employees want to know they are being paid accurately for the hours they work.

No more Timesheets

No one enjoys filling out or working out timesheets.

More accurate payroll data

No more keying times into your payroll

Avoid TimeCreep (Time Theft)

Have the peace of mind that you are only paying the wages that you should.

No expensive hardware.

Get a Smartphone, iPad or Android tablet set up in seconds. 


Manage employee rosters and allow TimeHub to work out the correct hours

Faster payroll processing

Everything is calculated for you

Rule Based

Takes out interpretation and favouritism  

Perfect for Mobile or Remote workers

With TimeHub and MyTimesheets staff can clock where they are.

Clock Anywhere

With the TimeHub apps your staff can clock anywhere, anytime even when offline

Track Jobs, Tasks or Processes

With both TimeHub and MyTimesheets staff can track time on Jobs, Tasks or Processes

GPS and Photo Verified Data

With TimeHubs GPS and Photo Verification you can be confident who has clocked and where

Manage Employee Leave

With TimeHub and MyTimesheets you can record and manage all staff leave. 

Manage Payments Such as Allowance

With TimeHub and MyTimesheets you can manage additional payments such as Allowances

Track Piece Rates

With MyTimesheets you are able to record Pieces Rates. Perfect for Horticulture and Viticulture Workers

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