We are passionate about helping businesses manage their employee attendance and payroll (weird we know). We have been in the payroll software and services space for over 25 years and we have seen a lot of change in that time.

Our clients range in size from 2 employees to 600 employee across most industries. 

We offer our TimeHub and MyTimesheets Employee Time and Attendance systems as well as a range of Payslips (Just Payslips) and Payroll system advice, all designed to help your company better manage its payroll.

Whether you're looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, we have you covered. 

Vicky Steele

Tired of seeing our hard-working team of builders floundering with paper timesheets and missing details, we decided it was time for a better system! What was needed was a NZ company with an understanding of our industry. I found TimeHub and after one conversation and a Zoom meeting with Steve Nathan, I had a trial login to Mytimesheets. Now all our staff are using digital timesheets, and the feedback from them is great. Job details are only a click away, and the reporting features are next level. Needing a new payroll system as well, we used TimeHub to implement Crystal. Up-to-date and easy to use, Mytimesheets and Crystal work beautifully together, and everything is compatible with Xero. Yes, the systems are great but so is the support from Steve and his team. They made the whole process painless and a big shout out to Dayna who did our implementation and provided real-time support throughout the entire process. 

Vicky Steele M A Mckay Builders
Kirstin Belton

I am absolutely loving Timehub and MyTimesheets! It has made the world of difference for me and made my life so much easier. Really appreciate how simple everything has been. Thanks again for all your help.

Kirstin Belton Belton Contracting Ltd
Sarah Tordoff

My experience with TimeHub has been an extremely positive one.  It has enabled us to have the visibility at real time of our employee's hours.  We have also used this for our job costing system and uploading data into our accounting software, again this has proven to allow us to process job cost information far quicker than with manual timesheets.  The most amazing part for me has been the transfer of data to our payroll system, this has cut down the processing time immensely and also allowed far more accuracy than manual time entering. 

Sarah Tordoff RML Engineering
Daniel Kelly

“At Whakatohea Mussels (Open Ocean) we had a great experience implementing mytimesheets. Steve and his team have been incredibly helpful enabling us to set up the system for our needs. The system is efficient and easy to use, and our supervisors and managers have required minimal training. We have had some requests specific to our business which have been implemented rapidly and effectively. I would highly recommend mytimesheets to anyone looking for time tracking software.”

Daniel Kelly Whakatohea Mussels (Open Ocean)

MyTimesheets has been the best decision we have made! So much time saved from manual approval and spreadsheet entry and double handling of bits of paper.

My Timesheets gives us excellent reporting and the upload to IMS is quick and easy. This has easily saved us ten hours a week and we’re only a small business.

Implementation was well supported and tailormade to suit our needs, so easy.

The team was on-board quickly and love their weekly report, straight into their in-box to let them know approved hours.

A job well done MyTimesheets!

Woodleys Transport
Tony McEwen

Brilliant. Cuts out all the time sheet hassles. Staff log in and out. No need to collect times sheets and add up hours. Get daily totals for different groups Kitchen/front of house. Great for accurate wage costs. Easy to use. Can do wages from anywhere - don't have to be in office (cloud based). Saves a lot of time and hassle. I highly recommend using TimeHub. Great value for money. The support provided is great also.

Tony McEwen Speights Ale House Napier
MIchael Leonard-Smith

This is a very good time and attendance system, better than any I have used or looked at to date. The support is second to none and has really impressed me.
I highly recommend Timehub.

MIchael Leonard-Smith The Bach

What a windfall - this time last year I was searching Google for a cure to my largest business woe and I found it = TIMEHUB! It is the answer.  It means life outside of work for the owner/operator.  There is the added bonus too that the amazing TimeHub team can teach even the worst techno-phobes (fact).  Look no further, get signed up NOW.

DiVino Bistro
Steve Manning

A great product - excellent and helpful service

Steve Manning Lick This
Helensville District Health Trust

My timesheets has been fantastic. It is a cost effective system suitable for a not for profit Trust allowing a move away from paper and saving the payroll team an enormous amount of time and effort. The integration between the timesheets and IMS has worked well and the staff have been friendly and happy to listen to any of our suggestions. 95% of the time they have found a solution for our particular requirement. The system has also allowed us to push responsibility back to the managers of our entities in relation to approval and everyone has been upskilled in employment issues with the great blog information the team provides. Even those with IT phobias have managed to use the system. Thanks Steve and the team at My timesheets – Helensville District Health Trust, Kaipara Medical Centre and Helensville Birthing Centre highly recommend this system.

Helensville District Health Trust
Greig Robertson

Since introducing Time Hub we now spend less than 10 minutes a week on pay roll.

Our logistics business has multiple locations and time zones. The timeliness of gathering timesheets and processing payroll used to be onerous and a burden on our resources. Since introducing Time Hub we now spend less than 10 minutes a week on pay roll. Knowing that we are up to date with NZ legislation changes and automating PAYE is very reassuring from a compliance perspective.
I selected TimeHub due to its capabilities and being easy to use. Our employees love it and the support and training have been excellent. Well done to the TimeHub team, we look forward to further automation through your services.


Greig Robertson Chatham Islands Shipping 2018-06-01
Amber McKay - Company Accountant

We were previously recording all of our hours worked information on sheets of paper, which is extremely inefficient. 

We have saved so much time by using TimeHub and not having to manually capture all of that data, and then verify that it is correct, allowing us to focus on more important things.  It has also increased our accuracy, we hadn’t realised how many innocent mistakes were being made by staff at the end of a long shift when they had simply written down the wrong information. 

We trialed other systems that were just incompatible with our business; we have 10 different cost centres across 4 locations with some staff working in multiple cost centres in one day, but TimeHub has accommodated this with ease. 

We appreciate the level of customer service we receive from you and your team as well as the commitment to resolving any issues that arise, no matter how unusual they might seem. 


Amber McKay - Company Accountant Comensa (Saan, Cafe Hanoi, XuXu) 2019-05-20

We have found Timehub a great benefit to this company.


We are a small business with 4 employees, we have found Timehub a great benefit to this company by having accurate times entered for our payroll we have found we have saved on wages, (5-10 minutes late here and there seems to add up very quickly!).  All the staff at Timely have been extremely helpful and friendly with full training on the system given.  Any small issues we have had have been resolved quickly.  Would recommend Timehub to small and large businesses alike.



Stowtech Stowtec 2018-06-01