"Real-Time" & Attendance

We believe the key to effective payroll management is the automation of "Real-Time" data capture.

That said, one of the challenges with automating the capture of employee attendance is the cost of the hardware which can make it prohibitive if you need multiple devices.  Add to this, the fact that devices such as biometric time clocks and fingerprint readers can be a challenge to use in situations where staff have dirt, scratches or moisture they can be unreliable. There can also be a negative connotation to these devices.

That's why we have chosen to use everyday devices such as smartphones and tablets. They are inexpensive, easy to replace and they are used on a daily basis by most employees.  

The TimeHub Personal App - Intuitive “Single-Button” Design.

Employees clock using our intuitive “single button” design. There is no need to decide if they are clocking in or out as this is handled by the rules you set up in your TimeHub Employer Portal.

Designed for use by an employee on their smartphone or tablet. The app will GPS Locate the employee to ensure you know where they are when they clock and this is recorded each time they clock.


The TimeHub Team App - Designed for groups

The TimeHub Team app has been designed to be used by multiple employees and can be used in a fixed or mobile scenario. It will run on an iOS or
Android tablet or smartphone. Each employee has a unique code which translates to their payroll code.

The TimeHub Team app interface has been designed for employees to clock themselves in and out or for a supervisor/manager to clock a group of
employees. The TimeHub Team app is also ideal for use in places where having a traditional time clock is not practical ie a vineyard or orchard.

The TimeHub Team app has been designed to take an employee's photo when they clock in or out (if required) and this is stored along with the GPS location of the device. This data can be viewed on the TimeHub Employer Management Website for every employee's clock.