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  • 31 Jan 2022
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11 Reasons you may want to think about updating your employee Time & Attendance System

For the past 25 + years, we have helped hundreds of businesses like yours’ take “time” out of managing payroll by improving the way they record the hours their employees work.

We have prepared this quick 11 Point Checklist to help you work out if we could also help you.

  • Do your staff use time consuming and often inaccurate systems like paper timesheets or a punch clock?

  • Do you have any concerns that staff are not writing down the correct times i.e. rounding times in their favour or simply writing down false times?

  • Would knowing Who Worked When in “real-time” help you run your business better?

  • Would being able to access employee attendance data from anywhere be of benefit?

  • Do you or someone in your company have to analyse these timesheets to check for accuracy and they work out the hours?

  • Do you have to apply the complex contract or business rules to work out what to pay staff?

  • Do you or another staff member then have to key the data into your payroll?

  • Do you spend more than a few minutes per pay period keying this data?

  • Has there ever been a time that this information was mistyped or keyed in error?

  • Do you have staff who work in offsite locations or who are mobile?

  • The Most Important Question: If you could change anything about your current system, what would that be?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions or you have something you would like to change let’s have a chat about how we can help you with a system that will pay for itself!

Let's chat about taking “Time” out of managing employee attendance. Just click here