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  • 21 Jun 2019
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Nearly 750,000 TimeHub - Employee "Work Selfies"

WOW that's a number we're proud of.

When you launch something new, you never quite know how it will work out and whether people will buy into your vision.

There are highs and lows.

There are milestones.

There are wins and loses.

Then sometimes there are small things, of no real consequence which show you that you are on the right path.

Today while looking at some stats I realised that in the very short time TimeHub has been in the market our TimeHub Team app has taken and stored nearly 750,000 employee attendance photos (work selfies).

If you add the employees using our TimeHub Personal app the number is well over 1 million attendance records.

These are real kiwis arriving and leaving work every day and we have played a part in ensuring they are paid accurately for the work they do.

While having your friends and family tell you your idea is great, it is real people being paid every week which is the true validation.

I am proud of our small team and what we have achieved to date and I look forward the next stage as we have more employers join our #nopapertimesheets movement.



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