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  • 12 Aug 2022
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Is your payroll vendor pushing you to change?

Recently we have seen payroll vendors like Ace, IMS, MYOB, Exo and other providers of PC-based payroll solutions pushing their clients to move to a cloud-based alternative they are pushing.

The problem is that in most cases the cloud alternative they are pushing is either not as good as the PC-based system they are trying to get you off or the cost of the new cloud product is up to 10 times more expensive on an annual basis.

In many cases, we are seeing clients who are being pressured or bamboozled into changing and they end up regretting it.

Having spent most of the last 30+ years developing, selling and implementing payroll solutions (we sold our 1st payroll software company to MYOB) I know what it takes to select and implement a payroll system.

If there is one piece of advice I would give someone looking to choose a new payroll solution, it would be -

Make sure you actively select the system rather than let yourself be "sold" a system.

We have helped many of our TimeHub clients select and implement a new payroll. A positive byproduct of this is they have a single support team helping them manage both systems.

So if you would like to have a no-obligation (no cost) chat about payroll alternatives or just talk through the process of selecting a system, I am happy to help. Just use the link below to book a time in my calendar.


Click here to book a time to chat with me about payroll systems