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  • 5 Sep 2020
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How do you keep your visitors, team and business safe?

If you would like to test drive MyVisitorLog you can do that via www.myvisitorlog.com

Recently I read a news story about how Sir James Dyson had re-purposed some of their production from vacuum cleaners to ventilators. There we also the stories of New Zealand brewers and distillers making sanitiser. These stories inspired me.

Having a business which depends on employees clocking in or recording timesheets is tough in a market where much of the workforce is not working. I know that businesses will need tools like TimeHub and MyTimesheets in the coming months (they are already contacting us), but what about now?

So I started thinking "what would James Dyson do".

"Necessity is the mother of invention, it is true, but its father is creativity, and knowledge is the midwife." Jonathan Schattke, scientist

We have spent years creating and implementing software tools to help New Zealand employers track employee attendance, including knowing where they went and what they did. So I started to think - "How can we, not pivot, but rather re-purpose what we have for our new normal?"

Given the fact that terms like Contact Tracing, Contactless and Bubble are now part of our everyday language, I wondered if we could create a tool which will help businesses to not only manage staff, but also visitors.

So that's what we did!

After a long email to my friend and partner in this project Raymond Davey, MyVisitorLog.com was conceived. 

If you would like to test drive MyVisitorLog you can do that via www.myvisitorlog.com

Our goal has been to create a simple tool which allows you to record who visited your business, when (and how long they were there if required) and who they were there to see. You will also be able to ask them key questions (perhaps related to health) and even display your visitor health and safety rules or other instructions.

Speed is of the essence in the current environment so creating a tool which does not require a visitor to install anything and can be set up in minutes by a business has been a key focus for us.

MyVisitorLog is a mobile, browser optimised tool (so no install required) for use on a visitors personal device such as a smartphone or tablet.

As such it is contactless and will eliminate shared, paper visitor logs and kiosks. 

It is proactive rather than passive. Only recording input from the visitor. It does not track the phone and information regarding a visit is only available to the business visited.

Your company web portal will let you see and report on who visited, who they work for (if required) when they were there, for how long, who they saw, why someone visited your business and how they answered any questions you may have asked.

This will help with contact tracing in the unlikely event it is needed. More importantly you will be able to demonstrate that you are taking the steps necessary to manage risk when it comes to Visitor and Staff Health & Safety.

While it will work for any business, our focus in creating MyVisitorLog is to provide a tool to track visitors in a B2B environment or where the visitors will visit you regularly, rather than for high volumn consumer environments.

While MyVisitorLog has been built here in New Zealand, it will be applicable to businesses in any country who want or more importantly need to Know Who Visited When

If you would like to test drive MyVisitorLog you can do that via www.myvisitorlog.com