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  • 17 Aug 2019
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How TimeHub save time and gets the deal done. An Article by the team at Qwilr

Switching out wine for time, payroll specialist, Steve Nathan, sold his boutique winery in 2017 to launch TimeHub – a system that eliminates paper timesheets and lets employees clock in from their smartphones or tablets. Partnering with his wife Bev, the two returned to the payroll space after facing the challenge of tracking the attendance and hours worked of their rural staff in the vineyards. 

The race against time

With a lean, dedicated team, TimeHub was quick to scale across SMEs ranging from hospitality to factories. But when it came to devoting the necessary time to engage the growing number of prospects, accuracy and consistency were a challenge.

“The main issue was that our sales team were time poor”, says Steve. “To try speed things up, I created sales templates in Word that could be changed depending on the client and their business needs. But this still required mail merging and many times, the team would just do what they wanted and would reformat the documents with their own choice of fonts and styles”.

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