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  • 17 Feb 2017
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No-one likes time sheets! #timesheetsareevil

"I can't wait to fill in my timesheet" said no one ever

When it comes to tracking employee attendance for payroll purposes the most inaccurate, creative and despised method is the timesheet. Especially the handwritten, paper versions.

  • Your employees hate completing them. 

  • Your managers hate trying to decipher the handwriting, checking and calculating  the hours

  • Your payroll manager hates having to key the data into the payroll.

  • They are prone to error, both from employees "miswriting" their times and from manager miscalculating times and in some cases applying different rules to different staff.

Yet many small businesses (and large ones) continue to insist they are used in the vain hope they will get accurate information.

With the advent of cloud and mobile technology employers now have options which allow staff to use the devices they are used to such as mobile phones and tablets. 

Through the application of intelligent "rules based" systems like TimeHub all of the issues which exist with paper timesheets disappear. 

And moving to an electronic or automated employee attendance system is NOT about catching those employees who intentionally cheat. While this will reduce as a byproduct of a new system the key thing is you end up with a system which everyone can trust. Employees know that if they clock in and out correctly they will be paid correctly and there is no human intervention, the rules will just be applied. 

Managers and owners will also have more confidence as the data is recorded in real time and they know they don't have to spend time trying to work out what the staff have done.

There are many other benefits of automating your attendance record keeping which we will explore in coming posts.